Mother Dirt Nurtures the Good Bacteria in the Skin

I heard an advertisement for a brand called Mother Dirt the other day. I had never heard of their products, so I figured I would do some research. I found out that it’s a new skincare line that nurtures the good bacteria present in the skin.

Most skincare products kill all of the germs on our skin, including the good bacteria living there. Researchers claim that this is more harmful than healthy for us, as it disrupts that natural order. We are sterilizing our bodies, which strips the skin of essential bacteria and leaves it prone to infection. In short, we are too clean!

Mother Dirt’s products are full of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bateria. AOB is healthy for the skin in the same way probiotics are healthy for the digestive system. Good bacteria will balance out cleanliness, health, and natural order.

You can check out Mother Dirt’s website and product line here.


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