Healthcare Progress Wasn’t Made in a Day

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was the current state of healthcare progress in the US. While watching the film Ben Hur last week, the subplot of Leprosy in the ancient world impressed me. The fear of contagion and social isolation is reminiscent of some recent epidemics: syphilis, TB, and HIV. Now, Ebola and Zika trigger the most panic.

What struck me is how much healthcare progress the global medical community made in the last century. We’ve been able to eliminate and control so many infectious diseases. The USA is the primary leader in this effort, with investments in basic medical research. Shoutout to taxpayers!

Although many see large pharmaceutical companies as “robber barons”, they have also played a major role in drug development. They conducted well-crafted clinical trials that were necessary to healthcare progress. So while there is much to gripe about in the current state of healthcare in the US, what we can cure would amaze a citizen of Ancient Jerusalem.

In conclusion, we have much to be thankful for in the way of healthcare progress. But while we are arguing about healthcare delivery, let’s make sure we invest heavily in the basic research of disease. Collectively, I think it is one of the costs we must bear.